Learn at 10 and do at 11 – that’s the Unipart Way

John Neill is not only a businessman, he is also dean of a university in a way — the Unipart way, that is.

Two decades ago Neill decided that staff at Unipart Group needed more development opportunities if the business was to remain competitive, but he was not impressed with the training options available externally.

“A huge amount of money is spent every year on training and less than 20% of it is effective — that is, it results in a performance gain,” said Neill, chairman and chief executive of the manufacturing, logistics and consulting group.

“Often people would learn a body of knowledge that was not consistent or coherent with what’s happening in the company, so they would get demoralised and demotivated. You actually end up worse off than if you had not done it at all.”

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My MBA: Alison Poole

ALISON POOLE began her career as a nurse before moving into sales and marketing. She held various roles at Bounty, the pregnancy and parenting club, then spent a year as the interim operations director at Carter Cabin Hire before joining Capita as an associate director last year. Poole, 52, received an MBA from the University of Liverpool last year.


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