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Social entrepreneurs in The Times

Read profiles of six social entrepreneurs in The Times and online at the SME Hub today.

Cooking up a recipe for entrepreneurs: Robbie Davison at Can Cook wants to create a big food movement.

Espresso Mushrooms thrive on upcycling: Alex Georgiou sells kits that let people grow mushrooms from old coffee grounds.

Cemetery puts charitable objectives first: Arnos Vale could probably make a mint as a conference venue but that’s not what the trust is about, says CEO Juliette Randall.

Empowering stroke recover patients: Will Nicholson and his colleagues at Bridges Self-management are helping to improve stroke rehabilitation by giving more responsibility to patients.

Helping people to access benefits: Companies and individuals both benefit when people have access to all the financial support to which they are entitled, says Lee Healey of Income Max.

Wood company strives for balance: Glasgow Wood Recycling has to look after its customers if it wants to make the money needed to support its social objectives, says Peter Lavelle, the company’s founder and CEO.