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Guardian sustainable business award winner: finance for good category

The Social Stock Exchange (SSX) wants to bring impact investing – investments which have a social or environmental benefit while also making money – to everyday, individual investors.

SSX is targeting both retail and institutional investors. The more people it can get involved in the social investment market, the more capital will be available for businesses that want to increase their social or environmental impact by scaling up. In the last year SSX’s member companies collectively raised £400m, including the construction of 800 affordable UK homes, 78,000 tonnes of CO2 saved through clean energy, and 8,300 people accessing new healthcare facilities.

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Notes on a scandal: using technology to improve your online reputation

t has been a good few weeks for anyone who likes to indulge in a bit of corporate schadenfreude: Volkswagen’s emissions scandal and the cyber-attack on TalkTalk have kept consumer and business news sites busy analysing what happened and how the companies involved should respond. Put either company’s name into a search engine and the results include plenty of links referring to these events.

And they are far from alone. Any business can find its name connected to bad news online, whether it is a review from a disgruntled customer or a report about a legal case.

So can companies use technology to improve their reputation by changing what people read about them online and in social media? Read more on the Guardian’s website.

Yorkshire Water develops an environmental profit & loss account

Most companies are taking a huge risk by treating natural resources as if they are infinite rather than measuring and responding to the business risks created by their dependency on natural capital, according to a new report.

This dependency is still largely hidden from view, meaning that companies could have significant unmanaged risks in their supply chains and material off-balance liabilities, says Accounting for natural capital: the elephant in the boardroom.

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