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Real leadership is more than self-protection

What Britain needs is more leaders. Not safe, conservative, backside-coverers more interested in protecting their packages than moving their company forward, but “real” leaders. Men and women who are willing to make hard decisions, even if it means putting their jobs at risks.

Without them, no organisation can expect high levels of achievement over the long term, according to Graham Jones, the former academic who runs Top Performance Consulting.

“Effectiveness as leader is driven by motivation and mindset rather than skill and ability,” he said. “People exist on a continuum from very risk averse, where they always choose to look after themselves, to ‘real’ leaders at the other end who will take decisions that they know may be unpopular but which they believe are necessary for the organisation to succeed.”

Read more in The Sunday Times, which also has a great photograph of London Air Ambulance’s Graham Hodgkin.