two statues

And here’s one that we made together

It took a client to teach Lyndsey Whiteside that there was more to her business than a simple public relations agency. She told Whiteside that she wanted her help on what to achieve with her company rather than just advice on publicity.

Whiteside woke up to the possibilities that the opportunity offered and worked with her client to create “VIP days”, combining public relations with personal coaching.

“She helped me see what it was that clients really want,” said Whiteside, who runs Inspired PR in Lymington, Hampshire. “I had thought of my business in traditional terms, but because I was open to her ideas rather than assuming I knew what was best, I can now offer something more.

“My business has become a lot more profitable — I am able to charge about £3,000 for a day’s coaching and I enjoy it more because people really value it.”

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