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Now for the other glass ceiling

Government departments and public bodies should be set mandatory targets for the number of women on their boards and held to account in the same way as leading quoted companies, according to a campaign group.

Women on Boards has called for a 40:40:20 target — at least 40% of the members on each public board to be women, 40% men and the rest either gender by 2020. The target for FTSE 100 boards, set by the Davies review, was 25% women by this year.

“The government should be set a higher target than companies in the FTSE 100,” said Fiona Hathorn, managing director of Women on Boards. “Boards have to represent the people they serve, which in the government’s case is the taxpayers. These are boards overseeing tax spending, whether that is in health, the environment and so on. These are the boards that have oversight on how our country is managed.”

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