All the world should be a stage

Jane Stevensen had a problem. She was accustomed to public speaking — but now she had to open a big conference.

“I had spoken on panels and at events, so I thought, ‘I can do this,’ but I want it to be really good,” she said. “When I gave longer talks I would start out very animated but after a while my voice would go into a bit of a monotone. It’s a nervous thing. It made me a boring speaker. So I decided to get some coaching.”

Stevensen, managing director of the Climate Disclosure Standards Board, a non-governmental organisation, decided to work with Timothy Allsop, an actor and public speaking trainer.

“There is something about actors that means they have a real understanding of what you need to do to get your message across,” she said. “They know how to use their voice and body to have maximum impact on the audience.”

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