Save us from the extremists

Business leaders should have their fingers crossed that the pressure group A Blueprint for Better Business is successful in its aim of rebuilding public trust in companies. If it fails, they might find themselves trying to make a new life under communist rule.

“If business is not trusted . . . potentially the electorate will move to the extreme left or the extreme right, neither of which have ever created environments that are good for the majority of people,” said Sir Mike Rake, incoming chairman of the charity group’s advisory council.

“Whether it is communism or the movements of the left in Latin America, they have all been disastrous. Our system is imperfect, but the reality is that if we don’t make sure that [business] is trusted by society, ultimately people will forget what happened to communism, people will forget what happened to the extreme left movements . . . and ultimately, if you are not careful, democracy will lead you to that position.”

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