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The Sunday Times: a week in the life of Charlie Keating

Knowing what the weather holds for the day ahead is particularly important when snow flurries and 100mph winds can stop work even at the height of summer. It is lucky, then, that Charlie Keating has a good view of the beach from his office: it lets him see what the penguins are up to. “If there is really bad weather ahead, the penguins come and stand on the shore,” he said.

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Sunday Times: arm staff to keep bandits at bay

Firewalls, passwords and high-tech entry systems are all very well but they cannot stop someone from leaving documents on a train or lending their pass to a work-experience student. With all the attention being given to hacking, identity theft and computer-related security recently, it is easy to forget the key role that staff play in corporate security.

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Sunday Times: a week in the life of Philip Sellwood

Breakfast with the prime minister provides a great opportunity to air your views but not much in the way of physical sustenance. Philip Sellwood, chief executive of the Energy Saving Trust, enjoyed the conversation but found just croissants and coffee on the table when he attended Gordon Brown’s announcement of a multi-million-pound package to help poor families with their fuel bills this month. “Breakfast was pretty poor,” he said. “I had to have a sandwich afterwards.”

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