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Walking gives your ideas legs

Creative thinking is as easy as a walk in the park — or a ride on a train. Executives struggling to solve knotty problems should step away from their desks and ask the street for answers, according to David Pearl, co-founder of Street Wisdom, which runs learning sessions on the roads and footpaths of several cities.

“Bring to mind the question that you want answered, that you want a fresh perspective on,” he said. “Keep it in mind as you wander, and you notice what happens. It is a way of using everyday life to answer things . . . and of taking the streets you hurry through on the way to work and using them to learn something new.”

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Give the leadership team six appeal

Bigger is not better at the top of charities: the strongest leadership teams have an average of six members, at least half of whom are appointed from outside, according to a new report.

Top teams also tend to be more ethnically diverse and better-educated, with more than two-thirds holding postgraduate degrees, says the report, Building Outstanding Leadership Teams.

“Size is really important,” said Mike Hudson, one of the authors. “Our evidence suggests that, above a certain size, teams are less effective. Anything above eight starts to get much harder to manage . . . while below four or five you don’t get the diversity you need to grapple with all the issues.”

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The Times SME Hub: cash is king

Take a look at The Times SME Hub for its latest entrepreneurial special, which this month focuses on managing cash flow. In it:

  • Sell A Door Theatre Company’s founder explains the importance of keeping suppliers on side;
  • Exquisite Handmade Cakes’ owner advises entrepreneurs never to take their eye off the numbers, no matter how big the business gets;
  • The chief executive of Thomson Ecology talks about the gap between winning new work and getting paid for it;
  • Briery Kindergarten’s owner explains how a third party can help encourage customers to pay their bills;
  • The Training Room’s founder talks about the value of maximising flexibility, even if it costs a little more;
  • The director of Ambic furniture explains what happened when a bank withdrew his overdraft facility;
  • Daily invoicing helps Environcom keep on top of cash flow, says its chief executive; and
  • The managing director of Bullion By Post explains how he manages his main product’s price volatility.