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Talent management, school security, council tax – and procrastination

Today I have two pieces to write about talent management; some research about school security that needs me to get cracking before holidays approach; a couple of interviews about local government finance; and a meeting with a corporate client.

So you can probably understand why I am up and at my desk before 7am.

The fact that I am playing Kingdom of Loathing probably makes less sense, though.

Lining up interviews

What’s on my plate today? Several stories about careers in management consultancy; a piece about the value of secondments; and an article about how to turn dead ends into a new beginnings. Let’s hope I can get the interviews done before the bank holiday.

Work in progress

I have plans for this website. Not terribly big plans, I admit, but bigger than anything here at the moment. It’s just that, well, at the moment I also have deadlines.

If you’re here because you’re looking for a journalist and you fancy adding your deadline to those currently jostling for attention in my diary, please get in touch.