Once you’ve quit you can’t go back. Well, maybe once

Making the move from employee to self-employed is as easy as quitting your job and convincing the right number of people to buy goods and or services from your business directly. And unless you leave your previous position in a welter of unfortunate honesty (“I only survived team-building sessions by getting stoned and I never believed in our corporate mission statement. Hey, now that you’re not my boss I just noticed that you’re kind of hot. Fancy a drink?”) there’s always the safety net of returning to your previous employer.

Except it turns out you can only use that trick once. Ex-entrepreneurs can return to conventional employment, but if they then quit again to start another business, they’re tainted for life. At least, that’s what my interviewees are telling me so far. I’ll post a link to the finished article when it goes online in September.

Update: you can read the published article here


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